About us

For your project - Camera cranes, Rope cameras, Camera dollies.

Our key task is camera movement. We offer camera cranes, wire cams, camera dollies, system rails and everything else you might need for moving your camera around. Including experienced expert staff, of course.

We have what you need and help you to achieve your goals and be successful with your project. We want you to be able to rely on everything running smoothly and going off without a hitch.

Here you can find details about our technology.


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Why you should work with us

5 principles of our work

Enthusiastically we witness the fruit of our labor. Our success formula is based on five principles. Learn more about them, and you will not only understand us but also appreciate our principles because they will make your project a success.

1. We are the ideal service provider, and you are our fan!

Even though it may sound curious, but “serve” can be applied universally to everyone and is taken to mean “serve the cause” in our company. We are flexible and can adapt. Each project is a new project for us. You will love us for it.

2. Quality is always an added value for your project. Promised!

We strive for more than just supplying tools that work. Our technology must run perfectly, because only then it is even possible to provide the very best service to customers. Each and every item will be carefully looked after and checked. You can count on that.

3. Respectful interaction and mutual support. Let's shake on it!

Everything communicates something, and therefore our demeanor is always correct, on time, businesslike and friendly. We never leave anybody to twist in the wind because our goal, a successful project, can only be achieved together. You, we, everybody together as a team.

4. Problem-solving is the art of listening and acting.

We don’t sit and wait for problems to solve themselves but we address them proactively and provide an optimal solution. That is effective and leads to the highest quality of outcomes.

5. If you are happy, we are, too.

We do what we do because we enjoy it. Even if you don’t see it, we also smile on the phone. Every project is like a small journey: The level of anticipation is huge, the project itself is excitingly lovely, and when it’s over we are sad about it. It is essential to us that you always want to take this journey with us.

The process

  • 1. Let's talk about your project.

    You can pay us a visit, call us or just write an email. We are interested to hear about your project and your expectations. Together, we will find the best technology and staff for you.

  • 2. Convincing numbers that easily fit your budget.

    We will work on your offer until it meets all your wishes and ideas. The result will be convincing numbers that fit your budget.

  • 3. We are happy to get to work and prepare your project.

    We book your staff. We distribute information. We check the tools, pack everything and load the vehicle. Finally we can get started. Off we go!

  • 4. A successful project will make you happy.

    The best results for you can be achieved with a team working in harmony and tools that can be fully reliable. Everything feels simply right and the audience is enthralled.

  • 5. Time to go home, keeping in mind to follow-up on the project though.

    Dismantling the equipment, packing everything up and taking one last tour of the location making sure nothing is left behind. Bidding everyone a cheerful goodbye: “See you!” It is right here where the preparation for the next project begins. Every project should of course always be followed by a debriefing.

  • 6. We are already looking forward to the next project with you.

    Since you know you can count on us, we are already looking forward to talking to you about your next project and start the process all over again.


We are the right ones for your project.