A wire cam can produce breathtaking footage.

It will be guaranteed to give you chills if you fly over the audience like a bird.



Max. traveling distance (currently): 656’
Max. dolly speed: 41’ per second (27 mph)
Min. dolly speed: 1.6’ per second (0.9 mph)
Max. angle of elevation of the arm: Approx. 10%
Total weight: 33 lbs (Complete system incl. camera)
Tensile stress: At least 880 lbs at each suspension point
Remote head: Stabilized 3-axis remote head: Pan, tilt and roll (max. camera weight: 15.2 lbs)
Remote head and dolly control: Wireless joystick Lens control with internal FIZ (focus, iris and zoom) wireless system
Features: Full HD zero latency video transmitter, HD monitors and
intercom system.
Power Consumption: The operator system uses approx. 500 W
Connectors: 2 cables with BNC plug (1 for broadcast reference, 1 for re-transmission camera image)
3 cables with XLR plug (2 x intercom for listening & speaking, 1 for
red light)
1 power cable (1 x 220 V Schuko on the operating station with its own 16 A-fuse)


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