The camera crane Supertechno 30 is the most popular telescopic camera crane. It impresses with its reliability and its smooth running.

Horst Burbulla received an Academy Award of Merit, Class 1, for the innovative development of this system in 2005.

Together with our partner, we also offer this system for moving shots in commercials or movies.

In that case the camera crane will be mounted on a special vehicle.


Max. Lens Height: 30’
Max. Length: 39’
Max. Telescope Speed: 9’1’’ per second (incl. speedbox)
Min. Telescope Speed: 3’3’’ per hour
Telescope range: 22’8’’
Max. angle of elevation of the arm: 60 degrees (max. camera height 30’)
Max. arm tilt angle: 57 degrees (max. Camera depth 20’’9’ max)
Crane weight without camera: 2640 lbs
Remote head: Z-Head; 3 axes Pan, tilt and roll (max. camera weight: 80 lbs). Accepts other remote heads as equipped with Mitchell mount.
Control of remote head: Joystick, PanBar system (camera remote controller) or handwheel
Dolly: Four-wheel steering with telescopic column Tracks incl. track wheels available.
Operating range: Approx. 13’ x 13’ (depending on swivel range)
Features: HD Monitors (broadcast reference monitor, camera preview monitor, swivel monitors). Intercom system Clearcom with base station, beltpacks and headsets. Red light on camera arm, on the swivel monitors and on the operating station.
Telescopic arm controlled by pan unit.
Rain cover available for outdoor shooting.
Power Consumption: Approx. 1.0 kW to 1.5 kW
Connectors: 2 cables with BNC plug (1 for broadcast reference, 1 for camera preview)
3 cables with XLR plug (2 x intercom for listening & speaking, 1 for red light)
2 power cables (1 x 220 V Schuko on the operating station and 1 x 220 V Schuko at the camera crane, each with their own 16 A-fuse)


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